Adam Roy

Adam Roy is associate online editor at Outside. 

The 4 Paleo Commandments All Athletes Should Follow

Eating like a caveman is tough. Without going into the Paleo Diet’s debatable historical accuracy, the movement’s emphasis on whole foods, meat-heavy meals, and rejection of grains can make dining...

What the Kind Bar Fiasco Says About the FDA

Instead of punishing Kind for calling its bars "healthy," the FDA should be looking inward at the heart of the issue: labeling that confuses rather than informs consumers.


Master It: Become a Rock Climber at Any Age

Lee Sheftel's climbing career began in 1980 during a hike up one of the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado. That's when he decided to scramble up some rocks on the side of the trail and found himself in...

'Slug Glue' Could Replace Stitches

Athletes of the future may have their gashes closed up with a slug-based adhesive rather than stitches, a New York biologist says.

Oldest Rock Art in North America Found

A group of petroglyphs discovered at Nevada's dried-up Winnemucca Lake is the oldest known rock art in North America, according to new research.

Study: Bike Lanes Don't Hurt Business

Far from driving off customers, bike lanes could boost businesses' sales, according to a study by a student at the University of Washington.

Eaton and Eaton Medal at IAAF Worlds

There was no Caribbean honeymoon in the cards for Olympic champion decathlete Ashton Eaton and his new bride, Canadian track athlete Brianne Theisen Eaton. Instead, the newly-married couple headed...

Glowing Rabbits Born in Turkey

We already had glowing dogs, pigs, mice, and cats. Now, genetic engineering's latest coup is a litter of glowing bunnies.

Beijing Man Builds Apartment-Top Mountain

Chinese authorities have given a Beijing resident 15 days to tear down an artificial "mountain" he built illegally on top of a high-rise apartment block.

First "Practical Jetpack" Approved for Tests

The creators of the world's first "practical jetpack" have been given the go-ahead to perform test flights by New Zealand aviation authorities. Despite the name, the Martin Jetpack doesn't...

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