Adam Roy

Adam Roy

Adam Roy is associate online editor at Outside. 


Costa Rica to Close All Zoos

The Costa Rican government is planning to close two of the country's oldest zoos in what it says is the first step to moving all captive animals to sanctuaries or back into the wild.

Testicle-Biting Fish Found in Sweden

A testicle-biting fish native to the Amazon is causing concern among swimmers in Scandanavia after an 8-inch specimen was caught in a strait between southern Sweden and the Danish island of Zealand.

'Jungle Men' found in Vietnam

Two Vietnamese men who fled civilization to live in the wilderness more than 40 years ago are being reintigrated into society after villagers searching for firewood found them deep in the forests...

Rare Sprite Lightning Caught on Film

A photographer in Colorado has captured rare images of sprite lightning, hard-to-observe electrical bursts that occur high in the atmosphere, on a flight above Boulder. Jason Ahrns was flying on a...

Sailor Saves Dog, Then Wife

After running his yacht aground on a reef near, a South African man courageously swam his beloved Jack Russell terrier to shore. After that, he came back for his wife.

Snowboarder Dies in Tunnel Collapse

A 25-year-old snowboarder died on Mount Hood on Saturday when the snow tunnel he was in exploring collapsed. Collin Backowski was in the tunnel with five friends when the roof fell in on them,...

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New Regulations for Climbing Everest

The Nepalese government will station a team at Everest base camp next season to monitor climbers and enforce the law, officials say. The team, dubbed the Integrated Service Center, will also be...

WATCH: Strings Concert at 14K Feet

A University of Northern Colorado cello professor and a graduate violinist from Colorado University took their music to new heights on July 22—14,000 feet, to be specific.

WATCH: Tough Mudder Clothesline

A participant in a Tough Mudder event in Buffalo got a bit of a shock when he clotheslined himself on an electrified wire partway through the race.

Scientist Explains Mammoth Cloning

The scientist behind the first cloned animal has laid out how DNA from a preserved carcass could lead to the rebirth of the extinct wooly mammoth. Sir Ian Wilmut, whose team cloned Dolly the sheep...