Scott Yorko

Scott Yorko

Scott Yorko is a nomadic freelance journalist and an Outside alumnus. He occasionally tweets @scottyorko.


The Best Canned Beers of 2013

It's worth mentioning that like any snowballing trend, canned craft beer has seen a swarm of greenhorn breweries tapping the market, and many of them suck. We painstakingly surveyed the field to weed...

Traveling the World for Free

Michael Wigge has made two trips around the world: For one, he relied on strangers for food and accommodation; for the other, he bartered, trading a single apple for, eventually, a home in Hawaii,...

The 7 Best Base Layers of 2013

Let’s start with nature’s wünderfabric. Not only is merino wool (sourced mostly from sheep in New Zealand’s Southern Alps) a sustainable, bio-degradable fabric, but gear makers have figured out how...

A cougar prepares for attack

Survival Case Studies

How did they survive? From sharks and cougars to avalanches and frozen waters, four survivors' stories in their own words, plus expert commentary.

Jeremy McGhee

There Is No Chair

Paraplegic Jeremy McGhee prepares to climb and ski a major backcountry route in California

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