Scott Yorko

Scott Yorko

Scott Yorko is a nomadic freelance journalist and an Outside alumnus.


Name Your Sport. We Have a Canned Beer for You.

The stigma is gone. For years, canned beers were derided for their metallic taste. Worse, the options were limited—few breweries canned beer that you’d want to sample, let alone drink 12 ounces of. Then, Oskar Blues started canning its flagship Dale’s Pale Ale in 2002. And everything changed.

Scott Yorko
May 29, 2015

Four men are attempting to row a small fiberglass boat through a notorious Arctic route that has claimed the lives of countless explorers. Why? Because it's now possible, thanks to climate change.

Scott Yorko
Jul 10, 2013

We cornered the founder of Burton Snowboards at Outdoor Retailer's Winter Market to talk about his company's latest developments, where he likes to ride most, and avalanche safety

Scott Yorko
Feb 6, 2013

Michael Wigge has made two trips around the world: For one, he relied on strangers for food and accommodation; for the other, he bartered, trading a single apple for, eventually, a home in Hawaii, which he now owns. We caught up with him before his next adventure.

Scott Yorko
Jan 11, 2013

Let’s start with nature’s wünderfabric. Not only is merino wool (sourced mostly from sheep in New Zealand’s Southern Alps) a sustainable, bio-degradable fabric, but gear makers have figured out how to make it softer and thin enough to wear on a hot summer day.

Scott Yorko
Nov 1, 2012

For the past three years, we’ve been inundated with answers to a simple question via Facebook: “What are you doing outside this weekend?” Behold: your most, er, innovative itineraries.

Scott Yorko
Oct 18, 2012

From sharks and cougars to avalanches and frozen waters, four survivors share their stories in their own words. Plus: expert commentary.

Scott Yorko, Kyle Dickman, Sam Moulton, and Madison Kahn
Jul 12, 2012

A descendant of America’s most famous acrobatic family brings classic daredevilry back to Niagara Falls

Scott Yorko
Jun 21, 2012

Short conversations with the world's most interesting people

Meaghen Brown, Scott Yorko, and Kyle Dickman
Jun 15, 2012