Michael J. Joyner

Michael J. Joyner

Michael J. Joyner, M.D., is a physiologist and anesthesiologist at the Mayo Clinic and a leading voice in the world of exercise physiology. Over the past 25-plus years, he's published hundreds of studies, many of which have focused on how humans respond to exercise. Dr. Joyner also writes at Human Limits. The views expressed in his posts are his own and do not reflect those of his employer.


When Athletes Know More Than Scientists

Sometimes, what's common knowledge doesn't need scientific validation. Listen to the advice of these two legendary athletes and remember that even the strongest of us need a little rest and...

Michael J. Joyner
Oct 24, 2013

When Statins Fail—and Where Diet Succeeds

Being athletic doesn't make you immune to high cholesterol. Up to four percent of serious recreational runners manage their levels using either statins, drugs for blood pressure, or drugs for...

Michael J. Joyner
Oct 21, 2013

Why You Need a Water Appetizer

Can you lose weight just by downing a glass of water before dinner? The idea seems straightforward: You drink water before a meal, your stomach fills up a bit, so you eat less. But does intuition...

Michael J. Joyner
Oct 18, 2013

Why It's Impossible to Just Eat Less

The formula to weight loss is simple: eat less and exercise more. So why are these simple things so impossibly hard to do?

Michael J. Joyner
Oct 16, 2013

The Paleo Endurance Secret

Paleo diets are supposed to be bad for your endurance. What if they aren't?

Michael J. Joyner
Oct 11, 2013

Are Ultra-Distance Athletes Special?

Is there something special about the physiology of ultra-distance athletes and what can we learn from how they train?

Michael J. Joyner
Oct 8, 2013

Cracking the Sub-Two-Hour Marathon

A new record has been set in the marathon, edging us 15 seconds closer to the two-hour mark. Will we get any faster?

Michael J. Joyner
Sep 30, 2013

When Exercise Turns Deadly

We're told to exercise to stay fit and healthy, but sometimes training routines turn deadly.

Michael J. Joyner
Sep 23, 2013

Lessons from Bruce Springsteen

Not all celebrities are train wrecks. Sometimes, they're perfect examples of what we should be doing to stay healthy and happy.

Michael J. Joyner
Sep 19, 2013

Can You Get Too Much Exercise?

Too much time on the couch is deadly, but what about hours spend in the saddle or on the trail?

Michael J. Joyner
Sep 6, 2013

The Right Way to Interval Train

Interval training is no longer the secret of the pros, but that doesn't mean you're doing it right.

Michael J. Joyner
Sep 1, 2013