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Erik Tormoen


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High-Performance Pizza

Ordinarily, pizza makes us think of a half-assed meal or an indulgent snack (either, according to how much you've had to drink, or how much you'd rather it be one over the other), but what if it were...

When Age Doesn't Mean Mortality

We're typically good for 70 or 80 years, but the hydra can sustain itself for centuries without really aging. Does this mean we should re-think evolution?

Subverting Your Food Allergy

"If a person is allergic to fish, allergy testing with various types of fish can discover at least one type that the patient can eat without a problem," says allergist Sami Bahna.

Koala Bellowing Explained

Koalas reach low frequencies thanks to a newly discovered vocal organ—explaining why the marsupial's mating call sounds more typical of something elephant-size.

Goats Scale Dam, World Demands to Know Why

Italian park officials have speculated that these Alpine ibex make precarious ascents up the dam to lick the salt off the stones—but, as with any instance of animal behavior, to call this their...

Chef Biju Recipes: Mushroom and Pecan Hash

Chef Biju Thomas has devised a nutrient-dense stuffing simple and healthy enough to eat year-round. In 15 minutes, make a fiber-dense, richly textured side dish stuffed only with the ingredients you...