Erik Tormoen

Erik Tormoen


Comet ISON Nears Sun

Comet ISON 's million-year journey may be coming to a whimpering finish, but it's too soon to tell.

Black Bear Delicacies Result in Fine

Owners of the New Hunan restaurant plead guilty to 13 wildlife charges involving black bears on Monday, including keeping a bucket of bear paws in their restaurant.

Watch: Jellyfish-like Robot Flies

Engineers have developed a flying robot that emulates the full-body pulsations of a jellyfish, translating the invasive invertebrate's method of water propulsion to a new fluid, the air.

Sea Turtles and Workers Occupy Same Spot

The National Marine Fisheries Service is hearing proposals to preserve waters off the coast of North Carolina for endangered loggerhead turtles, worrying offshore workers about the future of their...

Hairy Daisy Discovered

Researchers found a new species of furry daisy in the Venezuelan Andes—but it's future isn't looking so bright.

Your Bed Is a Sanctuary

Here's an excuse to escape urban life and go camping: Environmental noise—as in that airport you live next to—is more of a nuisance than you might realize, sapping your energy and risking your health...

New Technology Enables Wildfire Forecasting

Firefighters are now better able to predict the behavior of wildfires in real time using a new higher-resolution satellite instrument in coordination with a weather device called the Couple...

Hunter Shoots Robot Deer, Faces Charges

A Florida hunter shot what he thought was a real deer standing on the side of a rural road. Turns out it was a robot planted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. Authorities got him, and now...

Dog Saves Paralyzed Skier

A Colorado skier, after experiencing a back-breaking accident, had his Alaskan Husky, Juneau, by his side, who attracted the attention of other skiers by barking and running to and from the site of...