Nick Heil

Nick Heil

Nick Heil is a contributing editor at Outside and the author of Dark Summit: The True Story of Everest's Most Controversial Season. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


The Tragedy on Howse Peak

In April, alpinists David Lama, Jess Roskelley, and Hansjörg Auer went missing during a harrowing expedition on Canada’s Howse Peak

Nick Heil
Aug 28, 2019

The Indiana Jones of Climate Science

Equal parts climate scientist and climber, John All's incredible story of survival has fed into his mission to fight climate change.

Nick Heil
May 9, 2019

Are Kilian Jornet's Speed Records Too Good to Be True?

Where was the proof, critics demanded—the summit photos, the GPS track, the witnesses? Why did arguably his greatest accomplishment, in a career strewn with meticulously documented accomplishments,...

Nick Heil
Jul 12, 2018

Blame Your Junk Food Cravings on Your Unhealthy Brain

Raise your hand if you can relate to this scenario: You pull a fresh pint of Ben and Jerry’s from the freezer, intending to enjoy a couple of bites. Twenty minutes later, you’re lolling on the couch...

Nick Heil
Jul 3, 2018

Fatmap Is Like Google Earth (on Steroids) for Hikers

Dozens of apps provide mapping, GPS navigation, topographic data, and other tools to find your way around the outdoors, but none offer the kind of three-dimensional depth and detail of Fatmap. Think...

Nick Heil
Jul 1, 2018

Dave Asprey Wants to Make the Gym Bulletproof

Dave Asprey believes that biohacking can rocket your body and mind to peak performance. His Bulletproof diet zoomed into the mainstream, his Bullet-proof coffee has everyone quaffing butter, and his...

Nick Heil
Mar 22, 2018

The Science of Sweet

Two new books break down how sugar is killing us—and who is to blame

Nick Heil
Feb 13, 2017

Gary Johnson, We Hardly Knew Ye

After a hard-charging start the Libertarian candidate bonked bigly, thanks to a series of gaffes and a rather sad(!) lack of preparation. On the eve of a historic election, a onetime supporter...

Nick Heil
Nov 3, 2016