Mary Turner

Mary Turner

Mary Turner is the deputy editor of Outside. Before joining the Outside team, she worked in New York at Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and Allure. She lives in Santa Fe.



We Hear You, Ladies

This May we've partnered with REI to celebrate the unapologetic, fierce women around the world—those who live bravely, chasing dreams and fighting to be heard. This Women's Issue is just the...

Thacher House

The sweet smell of orange groves overtakes you as you approach the Thacher House. It’s a sign of good things to come.

The Life of an American Hunter

Outside correspondent Steven Rinella talks to his longtime editor, Mary Turner, about his new book (and TV show of the same name) Meat Eater, how he got started fishing and hunting, and why he’ll...

Talalla Beach Resort

Surfing Sri Lanka's Empty Breaks

Emerging from a 27-year civil war, Sri Lanka’s jungle terrain and white-sand beaches remain largely undiscovered. But the conflict ended in 2009, meaning there are empty (and safe) waves to be found...

Isla Pargo, Panama

Central America

Central America's best travel destinations, from fishing in Panama to surfing in Costa Rica and scuba diving in Honduras.

Montauk Surfing

Seven surfers from Montauk, New York, give you the lowdown on one of the East Coast's premier surf towns.

Mark Fischer

Elevated Consumption

These five chefs from Colorado are realizing that there’s no better pairing than fine cuisine and high-altitude fun.

Jonno Durrant and Stefan Hunt

Step into Celluloid

The latest films and fashions from seven of the brightest stars at this year's Mountainfilm in Telluride festival.

Keir Beadling

Keir Beadling

CEO, Evolve Sports and Mavericks Surf Ventures, San Francisco, CA