Kate Siber

Kate Siber

Kate Siber (@katesiber) is a freelance writer (katesiber.com) and a correspondent for Outside. She lives in Durango, Colorado with her husband, a large dog, a small cat, and a preponderance of sporting equipment.

8 Top Women Athletes on the Pay Gap in Action Sports

Women have come a long way since they were banned from running marathons and competing in ski jumping for fear of damaging their wombs. But pros are still fighting the pay gap on the slopes, trails,...

The 365-Day Bucket List

Our 2015 Life List is a user's manual for all the travel, fun, and affiliated delights you can cram into a year, from rocketing down an Olympic bobsled run to sleeping atop a giant fir tree.

Can Animal Cams Help Stave Off Climate Change?

Webcams now broadcast the intimate lives of bears, wolves, and other wild animals around the world, to hundreds of thousands of eager viewers. Whether that’s beneficial to conservation efforts is up...

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Your Frequent Flier Miles Are Worthless (Sort Of)

Frequent-flier programs used to be simple: if you flew a lot, you earned a lot of miles. Not anymore. Following Southwest’s lead, two of the country’s largest carriers, Delta and United, recently...

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South Georgia Island: The Last Godforsaken Place

South Georgia Island, isolated in the southern Atlantic Ocean, is an unforgiving place, but it's been a holy grail for large seabird colonies, as well as famed explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.


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