Kate Siber

Kate Siber

Kate Siber is a freelance writer (katesiber.com) and a correspondent for Outside. She lives in Durango, Colorado with her husband, a large dog, a small cat, and a preponderance of sporting equipment.


The Inuit Woman Who Survived the Arctic Alone

Except for the polar bears, a corpse, and a small house cat named Vic, Ada Blackjack found herself alone on Wrangel Island in late June 1923. Nearly two years had passed since a schooner dropped her...

Kate Siber
Jan 18, 2018

The First Woman to Brave the English Channel

Gertrude Ederle wore three layers of grease, a pair of amber-tinted goggles, and a scandalous two-piece swimsuit when she waded into the 60-degree waters of the English Channel on August 6, 1926.

Kate Siber
Dec 5, 2017

Caroline Gleich Fights Back Against Cyber Harassment

Caroline Gleich’s instagram feed is full of epic shots of the pro skier conquering the planet’s hardest lines. but in recent years, it was marred by an ugly shadow: anonymous bullies whose abusive...

Kate Siber
Oct 6, 2017

8 Top Women Athletes on the Pay Gap in Action Sports

Women have come a long way since they were banned from running marathons and competing in ski jumping for fear of damaging their wombs. But pros are still fighting the pay gap on the slopes, trails,...

Kate Siber
Jul 12, 2017

The Night Sky Is Disappearing, But We Can Save It

As light pollution continues to crowd out the stars, a small group of activists and scientists are examining how it’s damaging humans and wildlife—and what can be done to fix it

Kate Siber
Jun 9, 2016