Jonah Ogles

Jonah Ogles (@jonahogles) is the articles editor at Outside. He previously worked at Cincinnati Magazine and the White Lake Beacon in Michigan.

Jon Krakauer Tackles Campus Rape

Jon Krakauer's latest work,"Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town" tells a relentless, exhaustive story about a three-year string of rapes in Missoula, Montana, and what they say...

Climbers Create New Khumbu Icefall Route

This year, climbers on Mount Everest will use a new route through the Khumbu Icefall, the fast-moving and highly-unpredictable foot of the Khumbu Glacier that climbers must pass through on their way...

sanborn canoe company paddle canoe

Color Us Impressed

Sanborn Canoe's paddles are so pretty, we almost don't want to get them wet.

Echo Carbon Four-Weight

In certain parts of Michigan, Echo fly rods have achieved a sort of cult following.

Everest Deaths: How Many Sherpas Have Been Killed?

We wanted to know how the fatality rate of ethnic Sherpas working on Everest compared to traditionally dangerous industries such as mining, commercial fishing, and wilderness aviation (a.k.a. bush...

Trying to Help in Haiti

After 12 years of sponsoring a poverty-stricken child, our correspondent heads to the Caribbean to see if his money actually accomplished anything.

The Mad Angler's Manifesto

Now, thanks to Chad Pastotnik at Michigan's Deep Wood Press, I can hang "The Mad Angler's Manifestro" on my wall. Deep Wood is selling limited-edition prints signed by the author and artist ($235 for...

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