Aaron Gulley

Aaron Gulley

Aaron Gulley is a Nigerian-born travel and adventure writer. He has covered the world from Bali to Namibia for Outside and writes a regular column for the magazine about cycling and bike culture.

The Best New Road Bikes Designed to Go Anywhere

Remember the good old days, circa five years ago, when road bikes were for pavement and mountain bikes were for dirt? The advent of the "gravel bike" changed all that. Today, road bikes have evolved...

The Ultimate Camp Kitchen

Cooking and eating under the stars is one of the biggest joys of road life. Here’s the gear we’ve settled on to make it work.

Need Bike Clothes? Go Grocery Shopping.

Lidl, a German grocer and Pro Tour sponsor that recently opened in the US, is launching a line of bike apparel and equipment that could save you hundreds over the competition

Our Favorite New Road Bike Has 26-Inch Wheels

Rawland, a ten-year-old company with a penchant for fine steel and Norse mythology, started before "gravel" was a thing and now makes some highly unconventional but very quality small-batch bikes....

Should You Buy a Plus-Size Mountain Bike?

If you live somewhere with loose terrain, like the jangling rocks in Tucson and Phoenix or the gravelly kitty litter in Los Alamos, New Mexico, plus-size tires will make a difference. But if you live...

Bikes Are Getting Cheaper. Really.

Canyon, which will begin selling in the United States this August, is on the front line of a trend in the cycling world that aims to deliver high-quality bikes for less by selling directly to...

Here's More Proof that 29ers Are the Fastest

Even though studies have shown that 29er mountain bikes are faster in cross-country races, die-hard proponents of 26, then 27.5, always cited the downhill market’s preference for smaller wheels as...


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