Aaron Gulley

Aaron Gulley

Aaron Gulley is a Nigerian-born travel and adventure writer. He has covered the world from Bali to Namibia for Outside and writes a regular column for the magazine about cycling and bike culture.

Niner Jet 9 Mountain Bike

Positive Spin

The current state of bikes. With increased infrastructure funds for bike access, more flow trails, and safer cycle, now is an awesome time to invest in a new ride.

Crunch Time

The fastest and most efficient way for multisport athletes to max their strength.

Play By The Numbers

Make the most of your shorter training sessions with these tools to know exactly how hard you’re working.

Working Remotely

A travel-ready, 25-minute exercise routine for athletes on the go.

Training Schedule

Plans of Attack

A fitness of just couple of hours a week can yield amazing results.

Vande Velde

Train Your Brain

The biggest obstacle to reaching your fitness goals? That thing between your ears.

Field Notes

Travel Essays from Outside's Best Writers.

Specialized Instinct - Helmets

Specialized Instinct - Helmets: Reviews

MountainAnticipating a trip to Moab in July? The Instinct's cooling system has gaping channels that funnel air through like a fan. www.specialized.comBonus: The on-off mountain visor is fast and easy.

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