Aaron Gulley

Aaron Gulley

Aaron Gulley is a Nigerian-born travel and adventure writer. He has covered the world from Bali to Namibia for Outside and writes a regular column for the magazine about cycling and bike culture.

Six-Month Test: Cervélo C5

In the C5, Cervélo has built a bike with all the technology, engineering, and spec detail that’s normally reserved for Pro Tour machines, but in a more comfortable, easier-on-the-body package.

Six-Month Review: Felt Decree 1

Truth is, I don’t really love the mid-travel 27.5 category, preferring instead that my little wheels come paired with more suspension. But the Decree won me over this year—along with lots of testers...

The Best Camping Grills

Putting five outdoor barbeques to the test and rediscovering the importance of cooking in the woods

Santa Cruz's Hightower Is the Future of MTBs

This is the first and best iteration of the modern trail bike that we've seen. It features an adjustable geometry that allows it to be ridden with both 29er and 27.5+ wheels.

The New Sequoia Is the Rally Car of Road Bikes

With the re-launch of the Sequoia and the debut of a line of bikepacking bags, this major brand is signaling that they believe there’s a growing consumer contingent that wants all-road, touring...

The Mobile Cabin

How to find the ultimate backcountry campsites and hideaways for your rolling home office

First Look: Trek Fuel EX 27.5+

The bike feels more upright, more stable at speed, and overall more capable on rocky and technical riding. It has a centered, grounded feel, like you’re sitting inside the frame rather than on top of...

How Much Energy Do Tour de France Riders Produce?

With the GC race at the Tour de France stalled out beneath Team Sky’s interminable grind, the folks over at Exercisebike.net apparently got as bored as we have and started doing some back-of-the-...

First Look: Diamondback Haanjo Trail Carbon

When we reviewed the Diamondback Haanjo last year, we loved the bike but pined for a carbon frame option. For 2017, Diamond Back is answering our wishes with the Haanjo Carbon series.

Six-Month Test: Pinarello F8W

The truth is the F8 is an incredible machine in and of itself, and the addition of eTap elevates the bike to new and even more noteworthy heights.


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