Ryan Krogh

Ryan Krogh

Ryan Krogh (@ryankrogh) was an associate editor at Outside and edited the magazine's Dispatches and Bodywork sections. He lives in Santa Fe with is dog, Magnolia.


Power Surge

On September 13, in Beijing, drivers will take their positions at the premier event of the world’s newest motor-sports league, the FIA Formula E Series.

Ryan Krogh
Aug 19, 2014

The Hidden Danger Threatening Our Dogs

Earlier this year, Terry Dubois went hiking with a few friends and four dogs. They were three miles from town when her 12-year-old heeler, Jetta, suddenly began shrieking.

Ryan Krogh
Jul 8, 2014

Will Everest Climbing Move North?

The 2014 season has ended in Nepal, and some mountaineers are turning toward Tibet, where ascents continue. Can they overcome Chinese complexities and turn the north side into the new Everest norm?

Ryan Krogh
Apr 29, 2014

Whistle Activity Monitor

The best pet-monitoring device on the market—and one that could save your pooch’s life.

Ryan Krogh
Mar 12, 2014

Master the Art of Kite Flying

Flying a kite may be child’s play. But done right it can be serious, no-holds-barred child’s play.

Ryan Krogh
Jul 31, 2013

The Best Binoculars of 2013

With a sleek and lightweight design, plus superb clarity, these binoculars are great for wildlife enthusiasts

Ryan Krogh
May 20, 2013