Ryan Krogh

Ryan Krogh

Ryan Krogh (@ryankrogh) was an associate editor at Outside and edited the magazine's Dispatches and Bodywork sections. He lives in Santa Fe with is dog, Magnolia.


Death on a Rope Swing

In March, a Utah man died while attempting to replicate a rope swing made famous by YouTube. Will the tragedy curb the latest adventure trend?

The 6 Best Ski and Snowboard Helmets of 2013

It’s all about fit. Too loose and your head is a yolk inside an eggshell. Too tight and you’ll get migraines from all the pressure points. Most of today’s helmets have features that allow you to...

The 6 Best Insulated Jackets of 2013

The first question to ask yourself is: Down or synthetic? Synthetic insulation is water-resistant, dries quickly, and is usually not as marshmallowy as its natural counterpart, which makes for better...

America's Meal Ticket

When the U.S. Olympic team descends on London this July, it will arrive with a secret weapon: a full-service nutrition center modeled on the one at USOC’s Colorado Springs headquarters.