Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson (@josiewhaler), Outside online's Gear Guy, never thought that the ten years he spent as a raft guide, outdoor retail employee, and vagabond would turn into a career.

Our Favorite Made-in-America Gear

It's time again to drink beer, eat hot dogs, and try to avoid torching the forest with fireworks while celebrating July Fourth. For me, it's also a chance to think about my favorite made-in-America...

The Case for Burly Hiking Boots

I know a lot of people prefer light hikers or even running shoes for the trails. I also know ultralight backpacking is now a thing. I support both movements, but call me old fashioned, because I...

What Are the Best Cooler Backpacks?

I'm a big fan of the recent hard-sided cooler rebirth. But these things have their limitations. Have you ever tried to haul a 65-liter behemoth more than 100 feet? If there's any hiking or scrambling...

Which Sunscreen Should You Buy?

Mineral and chemical sunscreens have their advantages and disadvantages, but I wanted to see how they worked head-to-head. Here are the results.

An Ode to the Leatherman Juice CS4

The best multitools should be like your favorite adventure buddy: available, grounded in trying situations, and reliable. Oh, and they should also like to party. For me, no multitool nails those...

We're in the Middle of an Underwear Revolution

It sounds ridiculous, but Saxx has revolutionized underwear the same way Gore-Tex revolutionized jackets. For too long, men’s underwear was full of compromises. We wore it to keep our private parts...

The Best Boats of 2017

At some point in the past 20 years, boating got way too serious. Every new model was designed for charging hard in gnarly conditions. Sure, surf kayaks built for aerial maneuvers and creekboats with...

The Best Camping Pad Ever Made

If you’ve never slept on a Paco pad while car camping, you’re doing it wrong. They’re the plushest, most durable sleeping pads made and have a longtime cult following among river guides.

The Best Waterproof Bags and Boxes for Your Gear

I’ve been Outside’s Gear Guy for four years now, but for ten years before that, I guided on rivers in California and Oregon. Living on the water meant I had an obsessive relationship with all kinds...


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