Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson (@josiewhaler), Outside online's Gear Guy, never thought that the ten years he spent as a raft guide, outdoor retail employee, and vagabond would turn into a career.

Don't Stress: Pack a Premade First Aid Kit

Even after two decades of dealing with many minor—and a few major—injuries on rivers, I still prefer to leave the decision of what medical gear to pack to the professionals.

The Best Gear for Going Poo in the Woods

I'm a decidedly low-tech woods pooper—I'll admit to using rocks as trowels—so I called on these experts who have more than 50 years of pooping and peeing outside between them.

The Best Piece of 2018 Gear Costs $10

While I love going deep into the minutiae of Dynafit's new $799 ski-touring Hoji Boot, the product I was the most excited about has a much more modest price tag.

The Best Headlamps for Any Budget

You never hear the story of the hiker who packs their headlamp but is still able to make their way home at night, only the accounts of folks that forgot one and had to bivy in freezing temperatures.

The Freedom of Paragliding with Quadriplegia

Matt Thomas was a world-class kayaker who got paralyzed in a mountain-bike accident. His friend Joe Jackson moved in for a demanding stint as a caregiver. Outdoor sports were off the table, of course...

The Best Lightweight Winter Gloves

You can break the bank on a fancy pair of insulating pants or a teched-out $250 windbreaker, but if your hands are chilly and throbbing on a cold bike ride or run, you'll be miserable.

Trench Foot, Begone!

Keeping your feet from getting soaked and turning into petri dishes of blisters, infections, and rotting skin while hiking takes some serious maintenance.

How the Experts Layer in a Sleeping Bag

Some say you'll be warmer if you sleep wearing as little as possible, while others find it ridiculous to not use the jackets, pants, and base layers you already have to boost warmth.

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