Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson (@josiewhaler), Outside online's Gear Guy, never thought that the ten years he spent as a raft guide, outdoor retail employee, and vagabond would turn into a career.

The Case for Regifting Gear

There is a fine line between a thoughtful hand-me-down and simply wrapping your leftovers with a bow on top.

What Are the Best Turkey Carving Knives?

Each year around Thanksgiving, my search turns to a very specific kind of blade: an everyday accessible meat-carving knife that excels at dicing up turkey.

An Ode to the Perfect Winter Beanie

If I had to throw all but one of the 20-plus hats I own into the trash, I know I could get by all winter with just the Coal Stanley Beanie.

How to Layer for Resort Skiing

Lifts and a lodge make the stakes pretty low when dressing for resort skiing, but improper layering can ruin your day nonetheless.

The Ultimate Tool Kit

So you like wrenching on your bike and tuning your skis. Read on. [photo]2260111[/photo] Dakine Deluxe Tuning Kit ($60) Keep skis and snowboards in top shape with this portable set, which...

Tools to Throw an Epic Backyard Party

Deck out your home with these backyard barbeque toys.  [photo]2260036[/photo] Filson Apron ($95) Made from durable, machine-washable, antique tin cloth, this rugged apron is...

Bed and Bath Stocking Stuffers

Taking care of your body shouldn't stop at the gym.  [photo]2259906[/photo] Kopari Coconut Crush Scrub ($38) Who doesn’t want to be gently massaged by tiny bits of...

Brew Great Beer at Home

With so many great craft beers, you would be forgiven for asking, "Why make my own?" The answer's simple: for the sheer adventure of it. This stuff will help the end product taste...

For the POV Video Lovers

[photo]2260276[/photo] GoPro Hero 6 Camera ($500) The newest offering from the action cam pioneer, the GoPro Hero 6 camera listens to your voice commands and has a pared-down viewing screen,...

The Ultimate Recovery Room

Get stronger faster with the right post-workout tools.  [photo]2260251[/photo] Trigger Point STK Contour Roller ($30) Nine wheels give the Trigger Point STK Contour roller a range of...

Gifts for the Obsessed Gearhead

Skiers, tinkerers, snowshoers, and chefs....These are the winter splurges they want.  [photo]2263796[/photo] Oru Kayak Bay ST Patagonia Edition Kayak ($1,599) One of our favorite...

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