Grayson Schaffer

Grayson Schaffer

Grayson Schaffer was a senior editor and staff writer at Outside. Follow him on Facebook.


A Single Narrow Gasping Lung

No one knew if it could be done. But when Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler climbed Mount Everest without oxygen in 1978, they smashed one of the last barriers of human performance. Almost 40 years...

Grayson Schaffer
Sep 15, 2017

Are Psychedelics the New Prozac?

Was it the time travelers, the jaguar people, or the song from Pocahontas? All I know is that, as my exploration of psychedelics grew from a few campout mushrooms to full-on ayahuasca ceremonies, I...

Grayson Schaffer
Dec 21, 2016

China Wants to Build Hotels on Everest

A plan for a drive-up climbing center on the North side of the mountain also includes the mainstays of a modern resort: lodging, restaurants, and a museum. Is this the future of the world's highest...

Grayson Schaffer
Dec 3, 2016

How Many People Use Drugs on Everest?

For as long as sports have existed, athletes have tried to get an edge. But while cyclists, swimmers, and runners have to submit to regular drug tests, mountaineering doesn't fall under the purview...

Grayson Schaffer
Nov 11, 2016