Grayson Schaffer

Grayson Schaffer

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Scott Jurek’s Champagne Problems

The ultrarunner set a new record on the AT and found himself at the center of a debate about how we should use the wilderness

Grayson Schaffer
Jul 20, 2015

You Need to See Conrad Anker in 'Meru'

After winning the coveted audience award at Sundance, the documentary 'Meru' is getting a nationwide theatrical release next month. How did a climbing movie break through with mainstream audiences? Credit the incredible story at its center: a tale of tragedy, family, friendship, risk, and the redemptive power of suffering.

Grayson Schaffer
Jun 18, 2015

The Toughest Woman on Two Wheels

Endurance cyclist Juliana Buhring left a notorious cult, wrote a bestseller, and then rode her bike around the world. She's just getting started.

Grayson Schaffer
Apr 29, 2015

The Impact Beyond Everest

In a remarkable rescue effort, helicopter pilots ferried dozens of climbers to safety from Camps I and II. Meanwhile, reports continue to come in from other Himalayan peaks—including Makalu and Annapurna—that were hit by powerful avalanches.

Anna Callaghan and Grayson Schaffer
Apr 27, 2015

The Aftermath on Everest

As rescue efforts continue at Base Camp, attention shifts to dozens of climbers trapped at Camps I and II

Grayson Schaffer
Apr 26, 2015