Alex Heard

Alex Heard

Alex Heard is the editorial director of Outside and the author of The Eyes of Willie McGee and Apocalypse Pretty Soon: Travels in End-Time America.


Is the USOC Running a Sex Trafficking Ring?

A wide-ranging civil lawsuit alleges that the institution knew about serial abuse by two prominent figures in the sport of taekwondo, implicating it in a system that allowed the sexual trafficking of...

The Accidental Adventures of Terry McDonell

In a terrific new memoir about his career in journalism, McDonell talks about working with writers who became modern legends (including Jim Harrison, Edward Abbey, George Plimpton, and Hunter S....

outside online unprotected USA swimming

Should USA Swimming Go Down?

A conversation with Irvin Muchnick and Tim Joyce, journalists who have spent years documenting the horrible story of sexually abusive swim coaches—and dogging a national governing body that they...

A Sunshine Day with the Secretary of Energy

While in Santa Fe, Moniz sat down with Outside editorial director Alex Heard and features editor Elizabeth Hightower Allen for a wide-ranging discussion of energy policy, technology, the environment...

Horrific deaths on Everest this past weekend have some considering safety measures and others considering boycotts.

Everest Sherpas Issue Demands

The 2014 Everest climbing season is in limbo and will probably stay that way for the next few days, but it’s too early to hang a “closed for business” sign on the world’s highest peak. Though one...

Greg Mortenson Three Cups of Tea Books

Greg Mortenson Fraud Claim Rejected

A federal appeals court panel has rejected a claim that fabrications in Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea and Stones Into Schools constituted fraud against purchasers of the books and...

A DIY Tour of "Breaking Bad"

One car, one infinite urban sprawl, and one long list of the places where "Breaking Bad" episodes were filmed. Mapping out and executing a DIY tour seemed doable—but was it survivable?

The Skies Belonged to Them

A new book on the vanished age of airline hijacking captures an astonishing time. There was no airport security, and people brandishing weapons and bombs routinely commandeered aircraft around the...

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