Katie Arnold

Katie Arnold

Katie Arnold (@raisingrippers) is a freelance journalist and editor who writes Raising Rippers for Outside online. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband, two young daughters, and puppy Pete.

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What Are the Best Winter Essentials Under $40?

Adventure women aren't prima donnas when it comes to gear. We know that some of the best, most reliable tools don't have to put a serious dent in our fun fund. Here are four low-cost secret weapons...

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What's the Best Winter Travel Gear?

Just like pro athletes who dial in their race-day strategy, seasoned travelers are fanatical about their travel tools. In winter, it's even more important to fly healthy and arrive fresh and ready to...

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What's the Best Après Ski Gear?

On stormy days, powder days, and bluebird days, the right ski gear helps you leave it all on the mountain. Afterwards, you want an equally savvy system to maximize comfort and optimize your apres...

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The Downsizing Uprising

We don't need a river or a tent with a view to simplify and minimize. We just have to be smart. We just have to live smaller.

What Gear Do I Need for a DIY Home Gym?

With the increasing popularity and proven efficacy of functional, bodyweight fitness on the cheap, the DIY gym has undergone a radical, and welcome, simplification. These are all the tools you need...

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What's the Best On-Mountain Fuel for Women?

High-output, endurance activities demand smart eating if you want to avoid the bonk–especially in winter, when we burn calories just trying to stay warm. Presenting five of our favorite feeds for...

Don't Let Youth Sports Hijack Your Life

Athletics shouldn't be this complicated, but increasingly, for children around the country, they are. Organized sports, once a healthy outlet, are threatening to hijack the lives of children and...

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Rewild Your Child

Ben Hewitt’s essay on “unschooling” in our September issue has sparked some heated debate. Few parents are willing to do as the Hewitts do, and turn their kids loose entirely. But how can we give our...

America Needs a Playtime Intervention

Anxiety, depression, obesity, sociopathy—American kids don't play enough, and many researchers associate this fun deficit with serious health issues. It’s time to wake up.

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The Same River Twice

Just as with parenting, when you're in the thick of rafting, it can be difficult to identify small changes in a river you think you know well. It might seem like the same river on the surface, but...

"I'm Not a Summit-or-Death Guy"

For many alpine climbers, expeditions are synonymous with suffering. But for climber Mike Libecki, 41, who's put up first ascents from Greenland to Afghanistan, the harder the slog, the more joy it...

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My Mom's Faster Than Your Mom

Historically, Katie Arnold felt a need to compartmentalize motherhood and running; mixing the two could only cause stress and worry for all involved. But when she finally brought her kids along to a...