Katie Arnold

Katie Arnold

Katie Arnold (@raisingrippers) is a freelance journalist and editor who writes Raising Rippers for Outside online. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband, two young daughters, and puppy Pete.

Don't Let Youth Sports Hijack Your Life

Athletics shouldn't be this complicated, but increasingly, for children around the country, they are. Organized sports, once a healthy outlet, are threatening to hijack the lives of children and...

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Rewild Your Child

Ben Hewitt’s essay on “unschooling” in our September issue has sparked some heated debate. Few parents are willing to do as the Hewitts do, and turn their kids loose entirely. But how can we give our...

America Needs a Playtime Intervention

Anxiety, depression, obesity, sociopathy—American kids don't play enough, and many researchers associate this fun deficit with serious health issues. It’s time to wake up.

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The Same River Twice

Just as with parenting, when you're in the thick of rafting, it can be difficult to identify small changes in a river you think you know well. It might seem like the same river on the surface, but...

"I'm Not a Summit-or-Death Guy"

For many alpine climbers, expeditions are synonymous with suffering. But for climber Mike Libecki, 41, who's put up first ascents from Greenland to Afghanistan, the harder the slog, the more joy it...

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My Mom's Faster Than Your Mom

Historically, Katie Arnold felt a need to compartmentalize motherhood and running; mixing the two could only cause stress and worry for all involved. But when she finally brought her kids along to a...

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Summer Camps for Grownups

You've styled your child with an enviable lineup of outdoor camps and slotted in some action-packed adventure festivals for the whole family—but what about you?

On the Road with the Great March for Climate Action

Last week I took my five-year-old daughter on her first activist march. It was day one of summer vacation in Santa Fe, and the whole season stretched languorously in front of us. What better way to...

Going Wild in the New Costa Rica, Part 1

Say the words "Nicaragua" and "family vacation" in the same breath, and you may get odd looks. There's just something about the combination that sounds a little off. But for writer Katie Arnold and...

Catching Up with the Welsch Sisters

In the 18 months since I first covered Kaytlynn and Heather Welsch, the freakishly speedy young distance sisters from Alvin, Texas, plenty has changed: Kaytlynn, now 13, started running marathons,...

Best Backpacking Camps for Teens Out West

Although there are plenty of excellent wilderness camps for kids, it can be tricky to find legit backcountry programs that last fewer than two weeks and trickier still to find camps that don't put a...


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