Katie Arnold

Katie Arnold

Katie Arnold (@raisingrippers) is a freelance journalist and editor who writes Raising Rippers for Outside online. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband, two young daughters, and puppy Pete.

The Art of Raising Young Ultrarunners

When you're a parent of young children and work full time, you can come up with plenty of excuses for blowing off exercise. Just don't tell them to Pam Smith.

Why You Should Stay Home

I'm not swooping down buff, buttery Colorado singletrack. I'm not running along a pristine wilderness creek to the foot of a 13,000-foot peak. I'm not teaching my daughters how to slack line at a...

Toys of Summer: The Floater Mat

My daughters had been angling hard for a floater mat ever since they'd played on them at friends' cottages this summer, and I knew that a mat of our own would encourage them to stay in the lake...

10 Ways to Make Summer Last All Year

Facing summer’s last hurrah can be depressing, but there’s no reason you can’t carry a little bit of the warmer months through the winter.

At-Risk Teens Get Their Feet Wet Whitewater Kayaking

How do you teach kids who don't know how to swim how to kayak? If you're Jessie Stone, a freestyle kayaker and doctor who built a health clinic in Uganda [soft power health], you start by taking them...

Why Kids Need Foul Weather

This morning we woke to a stiff north wind whipping across Stony Lake, kicking up whitecaps and long foamy streaks in the water, which had taken on a sinister pewter hue overnight. Last week we were...

Make Your Own Fun: 5 Easy Fitness Games for Children

Over the past few days, my daughters and I have held spontaneous crab races, hopped like frogs, built forts using overturned chairs, and balanced along a "tightrope" of boards placed flat on the...

How Ball Sports Can Help Outdoor Kids Get Fit

For the past few weeks, my five-year-old daughter, Pippa, has been taking tennis lessons at the yacht club across the lake. It’s not as hoity-toity as it sounds: There are a couple of courts staffed...

Summer Family Floats: Smith River, Montana

On many western rivers, prime rafting season is spring, when snowmelt from the high country feeds the rapids and a dunk will leave you hypothermic. Then, just when the weather's getting hot enough...

A Family Biking Adventure in the Redwood Forest

Pedaling beneath a canopy of 2,000-year-old giants in Redwoods National Park, you can practically feel the energy radiating from the enormous trunks—a great lesson for the littlest riders that trees...

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A Summer Camp for the Whole Family

Why should kids have all the fun? At Vermont’s Tyler Place Family Camp, adults can paddle, take tennis lessons, and carve out their own slice of summer vacation alongside the children.