Ashley M. Biggers

Ashley M. Biggers

Ashley M. Biggers (@ambiggers) has been a professional travel writer for five years. She earned her master's degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.


Make Yosemite Kid-Friendly

I'd love to haul my kids up the railings to Half Dome, but don't want to risk accidents—or turning them off of hiking forever. How can we have fun while staying safe in the national park?

Ashley M. Biggers
Aug 28, 2014

The Best Way to End Summer

Summer days are getting shorter, but you can still end the season with a feel-good bang.

Ashley M. Biggers
Aug 21, 2014

5 Hotel-Booking Apps for Procrastinators

Procrastinators are about to get the last laugh. Turns out you can save 10 to 40 percent if you book a hotel at the last minute through an app.

Ashley M. Biggers
Aug 1, 2014

Super SUP Havens

You don't need an ocean to stand-up paddleboard

Ashley M. Biggers
Jul 23, 2014