Ashley M. Biggers

Ashley M. Biggers

Ashley M. Biggers (@ambiggers) has been a professional travel writer for five years. She earned her master's degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.


Where Are the Best Urban Running Trails?

Pounding out miles on stoplight-strewn streets and past convenience stores quickly loses its luster. Whether you’re commuting or training, here are ten urban trails in the U.S. that offer...

Where Are the Best Craft Spirits in America?

If you’ve topped out on talking about a wine’s terroir and session ales, it’s time to tackle the next alcohol trend that’s gaining volume: craft distilling. The desire for...

What Are the Best Beaches in Florida?

If you’re looking for the seclusion of a private beach with the affordability of a state park, but want to do more than kick off your flip-flops and sunbathe, these are the five Florida beaches...

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What Are the Best Travel Guide Apps for My Phone?

Gone are the days of lugging around travel tomes with dog-eared pages. In the digital era, all that info is jammed in a Smartphone-size package. And sure, you can still download entire guidebooks in...

Depending on your itinerary, travel insurance could save you thousands of dollars or even your life.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

While planning your trip in your pajamas in the comfort of your home, travel insurance might seem unnecessary—and an easy cast off from your trip budget. But in certain circumstances, coverage...

OutsideOnline Travel Agent international travel airport dog stick customs

How Do I Travel Internationally with My Dog?

Sometimes family vacations aren’t complete unless all the members—even the four-legged ones—are there. Preparing the documentation to travel internationally with your dog can take...

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