Heather Hansman

Heather Hansman

Heather Hansman (@hhansman) is a Seattle-based freelance writer and a former editor at Powder and Skiing. One time, she won a bag of pasta in an Italian big mountain competition. She is a terrible surfer.

Our 9 Favorite Pieces of Seattle-Made Gear

Seattle is quickly becoming the next technology hub, thanks to Amazon. That's fine and all, but we love Seattle because it's long been a home for top-shelf outdoor companies. Here's some of our...

10 Adventurers on the Books That Changed Their Lives

We asked people who inspire us with their athletic, artistic, and environmental feats if they credit any books with setting them on their path. Turns out they do. They weren't always what we expected.

Finally, Women's Ski Bibs, Done Right

It's risky for a small company to branch out into highly specific pieces of gear, but Flylow did just that with its new ski bib for women—and it blew the roof.

Which Ski Resorts Give You the Most for Your Money?

News flash: Skiing isn't a cheap sport. You're going to be shelling out whether you're skiing a small-town rope tow or a multi-peak mega-resort. But your dollars get you farther at some mountains...

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