Heather Hansman

Heather Hansman

Heather Hansman is Outside Online’s environmental columnist and a frequent contributor to Culture Notebook. She is the author of Downriver: Into the Future of Water in the West.


What Our Culture Critics Want to See in 2020

As former columnist Heather Hansman passes the torch to Erin Berger, the two share their strongest takes on outdoor media and culture.

Heather Hansman and Erin Berger
Jan 17, 2020

Good News, Even in Darkness

Going into a critical new decade for the environment, we need to look toward the light.

Heather Hansman
Jan 14, 2020

Why You Need to Know About Regenerative Agriculture

There are 7.5 billion living organisms in a teaspoon of soil, and regenerative ag supports those organisms, helping them hold nutrients, fighting erosion, and negating the need for chemicals

Heather Hansman
Dec 31, 2019

How to Go Green on Black Friday

The amount of money invested by people looking to offset their carbon footprints has climbed fourfold in the past few years

Heather Hansman
Nov 26, 2019

The Problem with the BLM Moving to the West

On November 12, more than 300 employees at the BLM’s Washington, D.C., headquarters received letters saying they had 30 days to decide whether to move to Grand Junction or other regional offices.

Heather Hansman
Nov 21, 2019

The 4 Stages of Climate Grief

A certain amount of climate change is already locked in, but that doesn't mean we need to be hopeless.

Heather Hansman
Nov 8, 2019