Chris Clayton

Chris Clayton

Chris Clayton lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with his wife, daughter, and son. His writing has appeared in Men’s Health, Delta Sky magazine, Mpls.St. Paul Magazine, and other publications. His favorite outdoor escape is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, where he heads annually with friends to hike, fish, sip whiskey from a Nalgene, and tell a few lies.


Aspen's Old Hideaway of the Rich and Famous

Few establishments in Aspen, Colorado have witnessed more change than Hotel Jerome, built 125 years ago in a grand brick building on Main Street to house mining barons and their entourages. Today it'...

Chris Clayton
Nov 4, 2014

Cheat on American Ski Resorts Here

Val Thorens in the French Alps is skiing’s answer to the big-and-tall store. The area has come a long way since the ’70s, when Brutalist-style apartment buildings popped up to accommodate pioneering...

Chris Clayton
Oct 29, 2014

The Best East Coast Resort You'll Ever Visit

We won’t sugarcoat it: Twin Farms resort in Barnard, Vermont is expensive—as in empty-your-bank-account-because-you-only-live-once expensive. But travel is for dreamers, right? And Twin Farms, set on...

Chris Clayton
Oct 22, 2014

New Zealand's Adventure HQ

When it comes to natural beauty, New Zealand doesn't do nuance. What better place to see the country's visual gifts than Matakauri Lodge, located minutes from Queenstown on New Zealand's South Island?

Chris Clayton
Oct 16, 2014

Rent a Yurt Under Texas Stars

During your desert hiatus in Marfa, take shelter at El Cosmico, a campground/roadside motel that rents teepees, canvas tents, and refurbished vintage trailers.

Chris Clayton
Oct 10, 2014

South Tyrol's Forest Fantasyland

There are mountain views, and then there are mountain views of the Dolomites. Vigilius Mountain Resort in northern Italy's South Tyrol province owns the latter. The resort looks out on the grand...

Chris Clayton
Oct 6, 2014

The Pacific Northwestern Lodge You've Been Dreaming Of

Salish is a special-occasion lodge done in typically understated Northwest style. The 84 guest rooms have a warm, contemporary aesthetic, with jetted tubs, featherbeds, and a fireplace. Crack open...

Chris Clayton
Sep 29, 2014

On the Edge at England's Cliffside Ecolodge

Resting atop a seaside crag on the Atlantic, the Scarlet Hotel's minimal aesthetic blends well into the surrounding English landscape thanks to its green rooftop (planted with sea thrift), and curved...

Chris Clayton
Sep 22, 2014

A Contemporary Camp in the Caucasus

More than a decade removed from the revolution that ousted its corrupt president and curbed years of civil unrest, the tiny nation of Georgia is becoming a tourist draw thanks in part to new...

Chris Clayton
Sep 17, 2014

Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana

The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana will make you want to forsake your love for camping activity we all frown upon but secretly love: glamping.

Chris Clayton
Sep 4, 2014

Next-Level California Luxury

In some ways, Post Ranch Inn, balanced atop the cliffs of Big Sur south of Monterey, is the prototypical California lodge. Yet, few resorts can compete with Post Ranch’s attention to detail.

Chris Clayton
Aug 28, 2014

The Boutique Hotel Beauty of the Blue City

For a central jumping off point to the many jewels of the Indian state of Rajasthan—think Indus Valley ruins, tiger reserves, and a UNESCO-certified bird sanctuary—look no further than Raas Jodhpur.

Chris Clayton
Aug 22, 2014

The Height of Treehouse Luxury

Many eco-resorts do the treehouse thing, but few can say they tapped a well-known architect to design theirs. Enter Pedras Salgadas Spa...

Chris Clayton
Aug 15, 2014