Chris Clayton

Chris Clayton

Chris Clayton lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with his wife, daughter, and son. His writing has appeared in Men’s Health, Delta Sky magazine, Mpls.St. Paul Magazine, and other publications. His favorite outdoor escape is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, where he heads annually with friends to hike, fish, sip whiskey from a Nalgene, and tell a few lies.

Which Hotels Have the Best High-Tech Amenities?

I could care less about luggage-sorting robots or Facebook kiosks. But high-tech bells and whistles that actually elevate my hotel stay? Yes, please. Be sure to book the following forward-looking...

OutsideOnline Secret Harbor Cove Lake Tahoe strip down beer great outdoors nude naked drink

Where Can I Drink Beer Outside and in the Nude?

Are we trolling here? Of course we are. But that’s not all we’re doing. As anyone who has ever downed a High Life in the shower knows, nude drinking is an excellent way to exercise free...

OutsideOnline bike rack airport best Zürich ZRH

What Are the Best Airports for Cyclists?

It used to be, you could get tasered for riding your bike to the airport. Thankfully, the great urban two-wheel boom has seen dedicated lanes and other cycling infrastructure added to airports...

Take a trip around the web and check out alternative online travel agents.

What Are The Best New Travel-Booking Sites?

The Internet should make booking a trip easier. If only. Let’s not forget that today’s web is first and foremost a marketplace—and the market for travel-booking and search sites is...

OutsideOnline ski pass 2014-2015 lift

Should I Buy a 2014–2015 Ski Pass Right Now?

The business of skiing looks a lot like the music industry these days, with giants such as Vail Resorts buying up ma-and-pa operations, and independent outfits joining forces to fight the bigs...

What are the World's Best Kitesurfing Destinations?

Imagine surfing on a wakeboard while a big-ass kite pulls you across the water—and occasionally out of it. This is kiteboarding in horribly reductive terms (but you knew that already). Let's...

people canoeing lake what fun!

What are the Best Meals for a Multi-Day Canoe Trip?

How light do you want to go? Unlike backpacking, which values economy above all else, multi-day canoe trips can bear more weight depending on the length of the journey and how badly you want filet...

How Can I Incorporate Birding into My Next Adventure?

As a lifelong fresh air addict, my secret shame is an inability to name roughly 99 percent of the flora and fauna I see while paddling, hiking, snowboarding, and the like. By valuing adrenaline over...

Which Hotels Offer the Nicest Bikes for Guests?

Hotels are constantly adding new bells and whistles to get a leg up on the competition—think access to fancy guitars and complementary museum passes. Now, many venues are starting to keep their...

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