Rachael Schultz

Rachael Schultz


How to Treat Pain Without Painkillers

Learning to push through discomfort, and maybe even a little pain, is almost a nonnegotiable for anyone who signs up for a race or commits to a tough training plan.

The European Union has a message for the United States: Keep your bad apples to yourself. outside online nitrosamines dpa pesticides

Are Apples A Health Risk?

In a study by the pesticide’s manufacturers, researchers found three unknown chemicals on apples treated with DPA, but couldn’t determine whether any were nitrosamines—carcinogenic compounds. This...

Outside Online Cooking ribs

Watch: Cocoa-Brown Sugar Lamb Ribs

Leave it to a master griller to find a way to shake up the summer specialty. In his new cookbook Man Made Meals, due to release in June, Steve Raichlen gives us a recipe for not just an oven-roasted...