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10 Timeless Fitness Laws

In the not-so-distant past, the outdoors was your gym. Watches? They tracked time, not activity. Yet somewhere along the way, conventional wisdom got muddled with modern mechanisms. And the results...

The new rules of fitness outside magazine outside online vitamins rock climbing

The New Rules of Fitness

Training and nutrition has been an exciting (if unreliable) frontier for decades. But recent discoveries, combined with some deep science, have debunked popular myths and established some real ground...

Underwear for Running Women

Oiselle's Rundies are made for runners. Similar to day-of-the-week underwear, each colorful Rundie features a run-of-the-week on the rear.

Vail Invades Japan

This week Vail Resorts announced the addition of the Niseko collective to the list of mountains where skiers can use the 2014–2015 Epic Pass.

Debunking the Blood-Based Diet

This past week, the respected PLoS ONE journal debunked the “blood-type diet." The fad suggested that being A, B, AB, or O should impact your food choices, and was popularized by the book Eat Right...

How Bodies Feel Happiness

Next time you get cold feet or a funny feeling in your gut, you’d do well to heed the warning. It could be an indicator of your emotional state.

Experts Urge Strict Sugar Cap

Next time you reach for a Red Bull, reconsider. The World Health Organization is currently thinking about halving the daily recommended sugar limit.

Killer Python Escapes Capture

A killer snake is loose on the streets of Bali. After strangling a security guard Friday morning, the python slithered off into nearby bushes and has yet to be apprehended, USA Today reports.

Australia to Monitor Japanese Whaling

Japan caught more than 100 whales last year in the Southern Ocean for what the country calls “scientific research.” Those ships will continue whaling, but they’ll now do so under...