Caty Enders

Caty Enders

Caty Enders is a writer and editor based in New York. She was previously an editor at Outside, and her work can be found at the Guardian, NPR and Esquire, among others.

Smithsonian's Panda Cam Will Go Dark With Shutdown

 If the threat of widespread furloughs and closures isn't enough, the Smithsonian just confirmed that the imminent government shutdown would make the extremely popular National Zoo Panda Cam go...

Sherpas Search for Lone Trekker in Nepal

Several teams of Sherpas are searching the Annapurna region of Nepal of for a British trekker who has been missing for a month after setting off alone.

New Zealander Attempts to Hike North Korean Range

A former cop from New Zealand hopes to be the first person to walk the Korean peninsula's 870-mile mountain range, which runs from North Korea's border with China to the South Korean coast.

Riots at Surfing's U.S. Open

Eight people were arrested in Huntington Beach Sunday night as unruly crowds ripped up street signs, overturned portable toilets, and threw heavy objects through shop windows after the U.S. Open of...

An ocean reef.

Global Warming Wiping Out Seafood

In the news this week, we saw several stories that sketched a grim prognosis for our favorite edible sea creatures. Baby oysters are under immediate threat from the rapidly acidifying oceans,...

Mini Cooper Reveals Camper Concepts

If you're a Mini Cooper disciple with an incongruous fondness for road trips—check it out: Mini has released three prototypes for car campers, including the world's smallest camper.

An ocean reef.

Navy Drops Bombs On Great Barrier Reef

The U.S. navy jettisoned four unarmed bombs over the Great Barrier Reef last week, sparking concerns among Australians that the unexploded ordnance could damage the World Heritage Site's ecosystem.

Smokey Is Back, With Bear Hugs

The Advertising Council has been hard at work on Smokey Bear 2.0, who's back this month with a propensity for PDA and a lot less finger wagging.

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