Caty Enders

Caty Enders

Caty Enders is a writer and editor based in New York. She was previously an editor at Outside, and her work can be found at the Guardian, NPR and Esquire, among others.


Climber Dies On Gasherbrum I

A Polish climber has died in a fall on Gasherbrum I, reports fellow mountaineer Krzysztof Wielicki. Artur Hazjer, 51, was part of a team attempting successive climbs of Gasherbrum I and II in the...

Surviving Hotshot Saw Trouble

The surviving member of the Granite Mountain Hotshot crew that was lost in the Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona is said to have radioed a warning message to his team.

There Are No Pythons Here

When the Florida Wildlife Commission offered $1500 for the most Burmese Pythons caught in the Everglades in a month, they had no idea that almost 1,600 would-be wranglers and a cabal of journalists...

Elite Sherpa Dies in Fall on Everest

In the first death of the Everest climbing season, a Nepalese Sherpa has died in the Khumbu Icefall while setting ropes and ladders for the upcoming climbing season. Although the position is...

Armstrong Blocked From Swim Event

Despite the buzz surrounding his return to competitive sports, Lance Armstrong will not compete in a masters swim competition in his hometown of Austin, Texas this week.

Elusive Utah 'Mountain Man' Captured

The notorious "Mountain Man," wanted for a rash of cabin break-ins over the last seven years, was arrested Tuesday after a bizarre police chase near Ferron Reservoir, Utah. Troy James...

mission bicycle company custom gear customization choose your own

To Each His Own

Behind the customization revolution that's changing the way we buy everything from candy bars to sea kayaks.

ranulph fiennes exploration arctic antarctica winter frozen ice lost in snow whiteout whiteout conditions arctic sled ice

The Coldest Journey

A team of explorers aims to conquer one of the last polar firsts: crossing Antarctica in winter.

Ranulph Fiennes Pulls Out of Polar Trek

British explorer Ranulph Fiennes, described by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's greatest living explorer, attempted to fix a ski binding using his bare hands in -85-degree...