Warren Cornwall

Warren Cornwall

Warren Cornwall's work as an environmental, science and outdoor recreation journalist has appeared in The New York Times, The Boston Globe Magazine, Triathlete magazine, The Seattle Times, and several Vermont newspapers.


The Ironman Lottery Is Dead. Up Next: Your Local Race?

For triathletes who aren’t the world’s best, but still dream of racing in the storied Ironman World Championship, there’s always been a tantalizing shortcut to the shores of Kona, Hawaii. Cough up...

Warren Cornwall
May 18, 2015

To Eliminate Dopers: Is a Lie Detector Test the Answer?

The Clean Protocol program asks athletes to truthfully say that they're not getting any extra help. If they can convince a computer, they get a seal of approval. But will the sports world accept it?

Warren Cornwall
Oct 10, 2014

CrossFit's Sour Sense of Humor

The fitness giant works hard to polish their public image—to the extent of confronting or even suing those who criticize CrossFit on social media. What gives?

Warren Cornwall
May 29, 2014

Why Is a CrossFit Gym Suing Scientists?

CrossFit’s reputation as a workout with a pitbull personality is moving from the gym to the courtroom. A Columbus, Ohio CrossFit gym is suing the scientists behind a 2013 study, alleging the...

Warren Cornwall
Apr 15, 2014

Are We Ready for Omega-3 Beef?

The biggest challenge in meat science is how to make our beef healthier making our beef healthier is keeping it tasting like beef after we pump it with omega-3s.

Warren Cornwall
Mar 7, 2014

Are Better Athletes Better Looking?

Does excelling at endurance sports make us better looking? Or, equally important, do more-attractive people perform better?

Warren Cornwall
Feb 5, 2014

Crossing Swords with CrossFit

Is it possible to be the toughest, baddest ass workout and claim to be as safe as any other activity?

Warren Cornwall
Dec 19, 2013