Warren Cornwall

Warren Cornwall

Warren Cornwall's work as an environmental, science and outdoor recreation journalist has appeared in The New York Times, The Boston Globe Magazine, Triathlete magazine, The Seattle Times, and several Vermont newspapers.


The Recovery Market Has a Fake Food Problem

Yes, Happy Meals, according to recent research, make for a surprisingly effective post-exercise meal. But the real takeaway has nothing to do with the Golden Arches: real food—not expensive bars or scientifically formulated shakes—is almost always best.

Warren Cornwall
Apr 2, 2015

CrossFit's Sour Sense of Humor

The fitness giant works hard to polish their public image—to the extent of confronting or even suing those who criticize CrossFit on social media. What gives?

Warren Cornwall
May 29, 2014

Why Is a CrossFit Gym Suing Scientists?

An Ohio CrossFit affiliate says an academic study got stats about injury rates in the popular workout program wrong. And it’s suing the researchers behind the data. Should science be scared?

Warren Cornwall
Apr 15, 2014

Why Your Beef May Soon Taste a Lot More Like Fish

A handful of entrepreneurs and nutritionists think it's time to start enhancing meat with the kind of healthy fat found in fish. And the new omega-3 beef is headed for a store near you.

Warren Cornwall
Mar 7, 2014

Crossing Swords with CrossFit

When we published "Is CrossFit Killing Us?" fans of the workout went berserk, attempting to discredit the story, the research, and Outside. But the risk of injury is quite real—and it's the last thing CrossFit wants you to know.

Warren Cornwall
Dec 19, 2013