Reid Singer

Reid Singer

Reid Singer is an associate editor at Outside.


What an Academic's Downfall Tells Us About Food Science

As head of Cornell University's Food and Brand Lab, Brian Wansink built a career portfolio out of research practices that now seem very questionable. His resignation has prompted a call for massive...

Reid Singer
Oct 19, 2018

Don’t Fall for the Resilient Federal Forests Act

The Resilient Federal Forest Fires Act is based on the idea that unnecessary regulations and lawsuits have kept the Forest Service from doing its job—including the tree thinning that can prevent...

Reid Singer
Dec 19, 2017

This Olympic Wrestler Is a Dirtbag at Heart

Dan Dennis spent six months rock climbing in Moab and around the West before deciding to start training for the Olympic freestyle wrestling team. Now he's at Rio in what may be his only shot at...

Reid Singer
Aug 17, 2016

The Return of Rick Bass

In his new collection of short stories, Rick Bass presents a series of vignettes far from the bustle of cities, but no easy answers.

Reid Singer
Mar 17, 2016