Christopher Michel

Christopher Michel

Christopher Michel is a photographer, writer, and entrepreneur. He has photographed some of the world’s most unusual places and people, from the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the edge of space aboard a U-2 Spy Plane.

His photographs can be found online at his gallery, ChristopherMichel


No Place to Go But South

There is an Arctic glimmer in the eyes of many nations around the world right now. There is no turning back—the Arctic is about to get a lot busier and a lot warmer. And it’s nearly untouched beauty...

Capture Underwater Photos Like a Pro

This land photographer ocean tested Sony’s RX-100 II and the GoPro Hero 3+. His tips on which camera to use—and how to visually capture your watery adventure.

The Iceberg Graveyard

Right now, near the end of the Earth, an Iceberg graveyard slowly melts. Thousands of intricately carved spires, arches, and blocks drift silently through a never-ending sunset in Antarctica’s narrow...

Ushuaia: The End of the World

The End of the WorldUshuaia is often referred to as "El Fin Del Mundo," The End of the World. Located at 54 degrees south, this port on the famed Beagle Channel is the jumping off point for...

Balloons Over Bagan

Balloons Over BaganForty-five minutes after we lifted off, the sun had risen and we had landed. And in keeping with ballooning tradition, we enjoyed a glass of champagne to toast the ancient city of...

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