Bill Ulfelder

Bill Ulfelder

Bill Ulfelder is the executive director of The Nature Conservancy in New York, where he has led the conservation of more than 200,000 acres and launched the Conservancy’s first-ever comprehensive urban conservation program in New York City. Though he’s traveled the world on behalf of the Conservancy—to the likes of Mongolia, the Dominican Republic, the Brazilian Amazon, Namibia, Northern Kenya and Tanzania—Bill finds himself most at home with his wife, Natalie, and daughter, Bella. They live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.


Trading in Flagstaff for New York City

Many outdoor enthusiasts would say we did our daughter wrong. Bella was born ten years ago in Flagstaff. Not long after she turned two, we moved to Denver. And then, five years ago, we moved to New...

Bill Ulfelder
Mar 9, 2014

When Cold Feet Start to Freeze

And then the guide asked: “Who is going reindeer sledding?” On a bus with more than two dozen people, my wife, our nine year-old daughter and I sheepishly raised our hands. As we looked around, we...

Bill Ulfelder
Jan 16, 2014

Camping in the Wilds of New York City

I’ve camped in a lot of places — the steppes of Mongolia, the East African bush, the Amazon, countless U.S. national parks and forests — but until recently I had never camped in a city, much less one...

Bill Ulfelder
Dec 24, 2013

Islands in the Sky: A New Kind of Park

Bill Ulfelder, the New York director of The Nature Conservancy, sees 14,000 acres of rooftops in his city that could be used for everything from generating electricity to restoring nature.

Bill Ulfelder
Jan 22, 2013

The Urban Conservationist

There is nature in our backyards and our parks; even the green strips running down big avenues like Broadway in New York City contain natural value. By recognizing that we can connect people to...

Bill Ulfelder
Jun 5, 2012