Elise Craig

Elise Craig


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The Science Behind TBI Recovery

When a skull makes contact with a hard surface, damage control happens in a rush. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) often require immediate surgery, and even during the slow recovery process an urgent...

crossfit fish guts fitness gym

What We've Learned from Fish Guts

It’s important for the human body to have a diverse set of bacteria in the gut; after all, low diversity is linked to many diseases. But mixing up your diet might not lead to a wider spectrum of...

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A Tall Glass of SPF

Drinkable sunscreen might sound convenient, but the science behind it is dubious. A company called Osmosis Skincare claims that a three-milliliter dose of its UV Neutralizer Harmonized Water can...

Stop treating that wine bottle as a medicine bottle. resveratrol wine immunizing inflammation panacea cure-all wonder drug health benefits

Wine's Health Benefits Greatly Exaggerated

Red wine and chocolate might not be as good for us as we were hoping. Though people often use the purported health benefits of antioxidants in grapes, chocolate, and red wine as an excuse to indulge...

Can't remember the last time you laced up your running shoes? Might be time to start exercising again.

Brain Gains: Exercise If You Want To Remember

No matter how smart you think you are, getting some exercise might just make you a bit sharper. Researchers at Michigan State University have found that being out of shape could mess with your long-...

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Deciphering Lyme Disease

Though antibiotics can often clear up symptoms of Lyme disease within a few weeks, some patients experience severe symptoms like nervous system abnormalities, heart rhythm irregularities, and...

A Cup (or Two) of Excellent Health

The good news about your morning cup(s) of Joe keeps pouring in. Drinking two or more cups of coffee daily reduces your risk of death from liver cirrhosis by 66 percent.