Graham Averill

Graham Averill

5 Stylish Helmets for Your Bike Commute

For years, you had two options for a bike helmet: a sleek and aerodynamic road helmet that suggested you probably spent your free time shaving your legs, or a clunky thing that made you look like a...

Helle Knives Handcrafts Awesome Blades

The idea of making a functional knife that’s also a showpiece is still the guiding principle of Helle Knives, more than 80 years after the company was founded.

The Essential Guide to Axes

We asked Troop Brenegar, the buyer for Mountain Man Toy Shop, to gush over his favorite axes, hatchets, and tomahawks.

The Best Carry-On Travel Bags

Baggage fees are for suckers. These five carry-on bags will hold everything you need for a long weekend and still fit in the overhead bin.

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