Eric Larsen

Eric Larsen

Eric Larsen is a polar adventurer and expedition guide, and the first person to Tweet from the North Pole and top of Mt. Everest. He is the author of On Thin Ice .


How to Weather a Storm

In other words, how to not lose your mind to boredom, according to polar explorer Eric Larsen

Eric Larsen
Aug 1, 2017

In Praise of the Unforgiving Arctic

As a polar explorer, I've spent more than a year of my life living on the ice in one of the harshest environments on the planet. And I love it.

Eric Larsen
Apr 4, 2017

Is the Greatest Record in Exploration a Hoax?

German explorer Martin Szwed claims to have shattered the speed record for a solo ski to the South Pole last year. He has revealed no GPS data, no photos—no proof whatsoever that he even attempted the journey. Since his return from the icy continent, he has lost his house, job, and sponsors and is the subject of two investigations by the German government. Should anyone believe him?

Eric Larsen
Jan 20, 2016

Visiting Antarctica Is Now (Relatively) Easy

Snagging a trip to Antarctica has never been so simple. Still, it's one of the trickiest places in the world to visit. Here are the five ways to get there.

Eric Larsen
Nov 20, 2014

Gear to Outfit a Polar Expedition

Explorer Eric Larsen sets out next month for a 48-day unaided journey to the North Pole—one of the planet’s most extreme environments. This is the potentially life-saving gear he’ll be bringing along.

Eric Larsen
Feb 21, 2014