Aleta Burchyski

Aleta Burchyski

Aleta Burchyski is the associate managing editor of Outside.


How to Survive a Black Bear Attack

We asked an expert to watch the new horror movie ‘Backcountry’ and break down the myths and realities of encountering one of the forest's most dangerous animals

ski skiing ski boots odor fighting fig and yarrow alpine foot butt darn tough padded cushion ski r moso mini charcoal deodorizers mr black shoe refresh

How to Beat Ski Boot Funk

Nothing ruins a good pair of ski boots like the smell of old ski boots. Keep them powder fresh with these four stink-busting essentials.

Austin Beardbrand Commercial Photographer Eric Event Photographer Georgetown Georgetown Photographer Portrait Photographer Portraits SoCo Texas Todd White Todd White Photography Wedding Photographer Weddings

Four Weeks to a Better Beard

We tapped practicing dermatologist Jeffrey Benabio and Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz for their pro tips and tools to get you on track to your best beard yet.

Fitness grooming essentials lotion gym workout

No-Sweat Gym Grooming Essentials

There are a million reasons to skip the shower after a gym workout, but for your sake and everyone else's, please do. These quick-drying, multitasking essentials will keep your locker-room grooming...

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Your Antiperspirant Is Making You Reek

Initial findings by a team at Belgium’s Ghent University show that compared with wearing deodorant and even going au naturel, antiperspirant actually spawns larger populations of Actinobacteria,...