Aleta Burchyski

Aleta Burchyski

Aleta Burchyski is the associate managing editor of Outside.


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No-Sweat Gym Grooming Essentials

There are a million reasons to skip the shower after a gym workout, but for your sake and everyone else's, please do. These quick-drying, multitasking essentials will keep your locker-room grooming...

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Your Antiperspirant Is Making You Reek

Initial findings by a team at Belgium’s Ghent University show that compared with wearing deodorant and even going au naturel, antiperspirant actually spawns larger populations of Actinobacteria,...

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Swimming Hole Essentials

There’s nothing like late summer’s hot days and cool nights for parking it at rivers, lakes, streams, and hotsprings.

Secret Skin-Care Tips from Rock Climbing Pros

Bone-dry palms that give way to stiff calluses. Ultra-short nails and shredded cuticles. Bandages locked down with superglue. A professional climber’s grip can’t just be strong, it has to be tough....

Grooming Essentials for Backpacking and Camping

Let’s face it: the great outdoors is a grimy, buggy, skin-scorching, sweat-inducing place, and a small quiver of personal-care items can make the difference between enjoying the sunset and sticking...