Eric Brown

Eric Brown

Eric Brown (@ericrennerbrown) is an online editorial intern at Outside. He's a senior at Northwestern University, where he studies magazine journalism and American history. Before coming to Santa Fe, Eric did time at Sierra magazine and the Santa Cruz Sentinel. He's always happy to hit the trails and jams a mean rendition of the Grateful Dead's "Deal" on guitar.


Eat Right, Fly Better

Think feeling crappy on a plane is inevitable? Think again. What you eat pre-flight could mean the difference between winning your away race and spending the trip in bed nursing NyQuil.

Eric Brown
Dec 5, 2014

Pitch Camp on Your Car

When it comes to staying safe and enjoying great views, rooftop tents are the way to go.

Eric Brown
Aug 26, 2014

Hey, Apple, We Love You, Too

The tech company introduced new operating systems for its computers and mobile devices Monday—and we think it’s been taking notes from us.

Eric Brown
Jun 2, 2014

No, the Grand Canyon Skywalk Isn't Going to Fall

Three panes of glass separate you from a 1,000-foot fall. And they start cracking, which is what happened to Willis Tower visitors Wednesday. Terrifying, yes. But dangerous? Not exactly.

Eric Brown
May 30, 2014