Eric Brown

Eric Brown

Eric Brown (@ericrennerbrown) is an online editorial intern at Outside. He's a senior at Northwestern University, where he studies magazine journalism and American history. Before coming to Santa Fe, Eric did time at Sierra magazine and the Santa Cruz Sentinel. He's always happy to hit the trails and jams a mean rendition of the Grateful Dead's "Deal" on guitar.


The Perfect Beer Foam

Cornell food scientists have unlocked a chemical clue to pouring the perfect head—just in time for the end of American Craft Beer Week.

Gender Equality Predicts Olympic Success

Academics at Michigan's Grand Valley State University have confirmed another element of Olympic success that analysts have long suspected: Nations with greater women's empowerment send more women to...

McCandless' actual bus, not used in the tour's promotional materials. into the wild chris mccandless outside online die wild obsession lore folk tour alaska anchorage

Fly Over McCandless' Magic Bus

The cult of Chris McCandless marches on. Texas businessman Brad Benson has announced plans to fly eager tourists over the Magic Bus and Alaskan backcountry where the 24-year-old McCandless spent his...

Clothing made from Icebreaker Merino Wool already uses nanotechnology to improve temperature regulation—imagine what the company could do with graphene! supercapacitor future tech fabric nano supermaterial electric

Rechargeable Shirts Coming Soon

New technology will make it easier than ever to weave electronics into the fabric of your life—literally. It might sound like science fiction, but advantages in fabric technology may soon...

The Young and Smart Gene

A gene known for its anti-aging effects also benefits the brain, according to a new study published in the journal Cell Reports.

Here's Why You Choke

This week, British sports scientists will present research to the British Psychological Society's annual conference confirming that when athletes fear losing, they're more likely to choke.

Would You Like Jesus Toast with That?

Although we might laugh at our friends who see famous faces in everything from Cheetos to clouds, University of Toronto researchers now say this phenomenon is "perfectly normal."

Skip the Gym for the Garden

You might have earned that glass of cold lemonade more than you thought. New research from two South Korean universities suggests that in addition to being an enjoyable and eco-friendly hobby,...

Crunching the results of 9 million marathoners, researchers discovered that people are irrationally partial to chasing rounded finishes.

Marathoners Chase Round-Number Finishes

Your love of round numbers—and their implied significance—isn’t unique. In fact, as Runner’s World reports, a new study by economists at UC–Berkeley and the University of Chicago crunched data from...

This Paint Could Change the World

In today's networked and high-tech world, it's easy to forget the old-school method that accounts for more than 90 percent of global trade—the sea. Maritime trade remains the most cost-...

Strava's Amazing New Map

Ever wonder what Strava does with the data from your morning jog or lunchtime ride? Now we have an answer. The company has used logs of more than 77 million rides and 19 million runs to generate an...

Why Did Dzhokhar Bomb Boston?

Since the Tsarnaev brothers bombed the Boston Marathon a year ago, journalists, psychologists, and ordinary people have struggled to understand their motives. With elder brother Tamerlan dead and the...

Clues to Everlasting Life

We might never figure out how to cheat death, but scientists are starting to understand what makes supercentenarians—people significantly older than 100—special. A new study published in...

OutsideOnline big agriculture twelve changes footprint carbon clear up farm crop horizon

A 12-Step Approach for Big Agriculture

Cars might not be going away any time soon, but a new report released by Climate Focus and California Environmental Associates suggests 12 changes to big agriculture that could reduce the industry's...

OutsideOnline Mars Red Planet NASA crater beyond space travel astronaut land

NASA Chief Outlines Path to Mars

The past couple of decades have seen the space exploration community shift its attention from Earth's moon to the red planet, with NASA sending multiple rovers to Mars and scientists considering...