Bryan Rogala

Bryan Rogala

Bryan Rogala is Outside's former video production manager.

The Best Gifts for Hikers and Campers

The key to buying a gift for the hiker and camper in your life is to catch them off guard, go all Steve Jobs on them and get them something they didn’t even know they wanted.

Seven Things You Need to Cook Well at Camp

If it were left up to me camp cooking would involve little more than boiling water for freeze-dried meals and overcooking eggs on a Coleman two-burner. Thank God for my wife.

Seven Things You Need to Camp with Your Dog

If you read enough “how to adventure with your dog articles,” it’s easy to become so intimidated by the fact that your dog’s recall isn’t 100% perfect that you leave the pup at home, which negates...

GoPro Announces the New Hero 6 Black

We knew it was coming, but today GoPro officially announced the Hero 6 Black, the company’s new flagship camera, along with the previously teased Fusion, their 360-degree camera.

The Seven Things You Need to Start Car Camping

Car camping needs some marketing help. I used to be against the very idea of the activity on principle, because it conjured up images of overcrowded, noisy campgrounds and smelly pit toilets.

The Seven Things You Need to Start Backpacking

I went on my first “real” backpacking trip when I was in high school. I conned several of my less-enthusiastic-about-schlepping-shit-in-the-woods friends into a three day trip on the crown jewel of...

Seven Day-Hiking Essentials

I’m as guilty as anyone of obsessing over gear. I geek out about reviews and pride myself in having the right pair of skis for every condition (read: too many). But in 28 years of playing outside,...

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