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Denise Hopkins

Denise Hopkins

Denise Hopkins is an architect with a serious and long-term love of nature, modern design, health, food, and wine. When she’s not designing, gardening, or out exploring nature, she’s writing about the incredible power of our natural world in design. 


Even Gear Junkies Can Live in a Tiny Home. Here's How.

Whether you’re pimping out a camper or downsizing into a tiny home (maybe even with wheels!), efficient design matters. The main considerations when decorating a small space are simple: look for multi-purpose furniture; buy the best quality gear you can afford (it’ll last much longer); and banish clutter. Once you’ve nailed those basics, follow these seven tips to live large in your small home.

Denise Hopkins
May 19, 2015

Build the Ultimate Deck

This is what happens when a group of Finnish architects jumps on the tiny-home bandwagon.

Denise Hopkins
Jun 27, 2014

Turn a Cottage Inside Out

Wouldn’t it be nice to bring the serenity of nature into your home? Well, you can—if you’re ready to tear down some walls.

Denise Hopkins
Jun 20, 2014