Jeff Foss

Jeff Foss


Buy $1,200 Sneakers on This App

Sneaker lovers trade kicks like gamers trade playing cards. And now there’s a new mobile app, called Slang, to make those transactions easier than ever.

Ride Your Bike, Get Paid

Cycling is not an inexpensive sport. You can spend $5,000 on the bike alone, while the rest of the kit—helmet, shoes, jersey, and bibs—will easily set you back another $300.

The Explorers Ax Collection

For total campsite domination, get your keyboard-calloused hands on one of the chic choppers in the Explorers Collection from United By Blue. The ax heads are made out of hand-sharpened steel and...

Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star ice breaking

The Last U.S. Heavy Icebreaker Ships Out

To access the poles, the U.S. Coast Guard doesn’t mess around with high-capacity sleighs or elite reindeer teams—it uses specially designed icebreaker ships to pulverize a path through near-frozen...

southwest airlines looptworks airplanes seating bags gear design tech pro shop outside

These Bags Fly The Eco-Friendly Skies

When Southwest decided to improve the fuel efficiency of its fleet by replacing heavier materials with lighter ones—including the fabrics used in seats—a design company called Looptworks saw more...

The Crowdsourced Survival Kit

Kickstarter is home to many gear ideas, some more groundbreaking than others, intended to make the outdoors more hospitable. We trolled the crowdfunding capital of the Internet for the five most...

BioLite KettleCharge

Remember thermoelectric energy from high school physics? Neither do we, but you don’t have to be a science geek to appreciate the utility of a device that turns heat into electricity.

Sign for Delivery

Soccer fans aren't the only depressed creatures in Argentina these days. Arturo the polar bear, a 28-year-old male who lives at the Mendoza Zoo, has been swaying back and forth, shaking his head and...