Kelly Bastone

Kelly Bastone

Living the dream as a skier, mountain biker, and fly-fisher in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Kelly Bastone contributes to our women’s gear column, The XX Factor.

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“People don’t know what they want until you show it to them,” declared Apple cofounder Steve Jobs in 1998. Jobs, famous for eschewing market research, dictated tech trends from his glossy Cupertino,...

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Just a few years ago, no expert skier or boarder would dream of wearing an insulated jacket off piste. Even women (who typically run colder than men and appreciate amplified warmth) couldn’t wear...

An Ode to the Performance Vest

Fifteen years ago, when I closed the book on city life and moved to a Colorado mountain town, it seemed as if all the women I met looked alike. They had long hair, wore work pants, and rocked a puffy...