Kelly Bastone

Kelly Bastone

Living the dream as a skier, mountain biker, and fly-fisher in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Kelly Bastone contributes to our women’s gear column, The XX Factor.

Orsden's Mission to Stop Pinking Women's Snow Gear

Sara Segall doesn’t want to wear flowers, or fur, or anything pink and glittery. But, says this diehard Vermont skier, that’s what women have always had to do if they didn’t want to look like a bro.

Do You Really Need Performance Pajamas?

Betsy Seabert couldn't sleep. The problem wasn't work stress or too much wine at dinner—it was breast cancer and its insidious treatment, which brought on night sweats.

The Quest for Good-Looking Tech Sunglasses

Sunglasses are vanity objects. No matter how much we may need technical features like UV protection, lightweight lenses, anti-slip nosepads and polarization, we all want our sunglasses to make us...

The Best Active Insulation for Women

Making a warm jacket isn’t hard. But making a warm jacket that’s also breathable enough to wear while you’re exercising—that’s much trickier.

Orvis Takes Aim at the Fly-Fishing Boys’ Club

If you start seeing a lot more women with fly rods over the next few years, you can thank Orvis. The company just declared its mission to increase the number of women in fly-fishing: Its goal is 50...

Three Great Sports Bras Made by Women

Is having breasts a requirement for being able to build a brilliant sports bra? I don't think so. But you do need to be extremely motivated.

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