Kelly Bastone

Kelly Bastone

Living the dream as a skier, mountain biker, and fly-fisher in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Kelly Bastone contributes to our women’s gear column, The XX Factor.


The Best Women’s Backpacking Packs

Women need a pack that’s just as capable as the men’s options—and they need it to fit. Here are the best, most comfortable performers for all-around backpacking.

Wazi Sandals Look and Do Good

The company produces high-quality Tanzanian sandals, sells them in the U.S., and uses the proceeds to fund scholarships for nursing students in Tanzania, where Majid lives and works in public health.

The Best Rain Jackets for Women

Soggy comes in so many flavors, and you need a jacket that fends off precip while keeping you from steaming up. These four ace that test—and nail the women's fit.

Tested: The North Face's Butt-Slimming Tights

Women don't have to look beautiful when they work out. But when given a choice between two pairs of athletic pants that perform equally well, we'll choose the more flattering option every time. Who...

Christy Mahon's Favorite Ski Gear

Christy Mahon rips. In 2010, the Aspen-based mountaineer became the first woman to ski all 53 of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks. Then she teamed up with two other pros—Chris Davenport and her husband, ...

The Best Hiking Shoes and Boots

Every hiker and backpacker who has ever stomped lugs on dirt can tell the same sad story of painful blisters and bashed toes. In search of a solution, we evaluated 37 hiking shoes and boots that are...